The combination of our experience and direct consultation with specialised cable development and design provides us with a total understanding of today’s ever changing market requirements.

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lantor_composites_icon Composites

In close cooperation with the world's leading end-users and institutes, successive generations of Lantor products have been developed for specific applications in the marine, transportation, construction, leisure and wind industry.

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lantor_construction_icon Construction

We add value to product lines of manufacturers in the construction industry. A unique Condenstation Control Membrane, personlized reinforcement layers for waterproofing and a high performance shockpad for artificial turf.

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Thanks to the close cooperation with our customers, suppliers, and the creativity of our people, Lantor Custom has been able to identify and develop innovative nonwoven solutions for a variety of applications including Building, Filtration, Packaging, Horticulture and Home Fragrance.

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Lantor is proud to present a new logo for our CondenStop product line

Lantor is proud to present a new logo for our CondenStop product line, a leading and innovative solution to protect roofs, buildings and assets against the hazards of condensation. The new logo emphasizes the global success of CondenStop and our commitment to provide support to our dealers, customers and end-users. Shortly, a new and dedicated CondenStop web page will be published, addressing our various customers and their anti-condensation needs. CondenStop provides anti-condensation solutions and added value for roll formers, roofers, contractors, building owners, container cargo shipping and logistics experts, and many more.

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condenstop anti-condensatie solution

Lantor introduces Soric® TF Adhesive

Lantor developed a new functionality for their Soric® products. This year Lantor introduces Soric® TF Adhesive; the well-known Lantor print blocking grade is now available with a helpful adhesive layer.

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