Build up laminate thickness fast and reduce glass and resin use

One of the fastest growing markets for Lantor Composites is the Wind energy market. Except for the tower, all the visible parts of a wind turbine are made of FRP where the blades are the major components. With increasing demand of wind turbines the cycle time of producing wind turbine parts need to go down. To be able to compete with other energy sources total cost of energy of wind also needs to decrease. Lantor flexible core grades can be of great help with these challenging topics when looking at the composite parts of a wind turbine.

For the nacelle housing and spinners, Coremat® and Soric® grades can help to build up laminate thickness fast and therefore help to reduce cycle times. In both the open mold and closed mold processes used to make these parts, Lantor products help to reduce glass and resin use and can therefore reduce cost significantly.

In wind turbine rotor blades a good flow regulation of resin during the production process is needed for high quality products. A special Soric® grade that is easy handled in the process and has very secure and stable flow properties helps to increase quality of the overall product.

Because of years of expertise in the wind energy market, Lantor can assist in laminate build-up solutions and do calculations for an optimal use of the different composite materials and to optimize the production cycle times of the specific products.