Lantor introduces SmartLayer®, a revolutionary single-layer water blocking tape

Prepare for a new way of constructing cables that are better protected against water ingress and more cost-efficient, while also offering an optimized production process. Discover the revolutionary Lantor SmartLayer® single-layer water blocking tape and put it to use to outsmart sharks, shovels and your competition.


Why choose SmartLayer®?

  • Single layer, double sided swelling

Lantor SmartLayer® offers a single-layer composition with integrated super-absorbing powder that allows the tape to swell evenly on both sides, thus offering excellent water blocking performance.

  •  Lower costs, high efficiency

The production of a single-layer tape is more cost-efficient compared to the production of a multi-layervariety. We kindly process these savings into the price of Lantor SmartLayer®, making it a cost-efficient alternative for multi-layered tapes.

  • Optimized production process

The single-layer composition allows Lantor SmartLayer® tape to be up to 40% thinner than existing water blocking tapes. We can put more length on a spool, allowing you to continue your cable production with lesser stops and you can reduce the consumption of other material because of the diameter reduction.

  • Low weight, less waste

Lantor SmartLayer® is also lighter in weight than existing water blocking tapes. This makes pads and spools easier and more ergonomically to handle for your employees and it contributes to reducing your ecological footprint while transporting it. Next to that, the integration of the super-absorbing powder dramatically decreases loss of powder during processing.


More information?

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