apr 12, 2017 in Company News, Composites

Lantor targets automotive and wind energy

Automotive and wind energy are two important markets for the fibre reinforced plastic industry. Lantor believes that her unique products and developments can create high added value in these industries and decided to have more specific focus on and invest in automotive and wind energy composite applications.

 Lantor in Automotive

Lantor has a long history in supplying added value to the composites used in race cars and the exclusive segment of the automotive market. Lantor’s Soric® cores have an unique composition of pressure resistant microspheres fixated in a nonwoven textile. These cores are being applied to create additional stiffness between carbon reinforcement layers, to reduce weight, improve surface quality and bring material cost down. Soric® products can be found in the heart of many body panels and enable the performance of exclusive sports cars like Bugatti, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini.

As the automotive industry requests for cost efficient composite solutions to be used in higher volume car models, Lantor is dedicated to bring materials on the market that support the newest composite technologies and enable reaching the highest material efficiency.

Lantor in Wind Energy

Rotor blades and other visible parts on top of a wind turbine are usually made of fibre reinforced plastics. Lantor’s product offer an unique combination of panel stiffness, lightweight, resin flow stimulation and fast processing potential. The products are applied in critical locations in the rotor blade and enable high processing speeds and cost effectiveness for nacelle covers and spinner hubs.

As the wind energy industry is strongly focused to bring the cost of energy further down, Lantor is now dedicated to develop more efficient material solutions to the wind turbine market.

Contact: Edze Visscher, Business Development Manager Automotive & Wind, evisscher@lantor.com