Flexible core material and infusion medium in one

For closed mould processes Lantor offers a unique and patented product range of core materials that are both flexible and compression resistant. During the infusion process, the Soric® core works as a flow medium and enables steady and inter-laminar impregnation. Once the process is finished, the impregnated Soric® is an excellent bonded honeycomb structured core that offers weight reduction and cost efficient stiffness.


Lantor Soric® SF


Soric® SF is a general-purpose grade for thin laminates. This grade balances resin flow with surface quality. The honeycomb structure formed during the process provides good shear properties.

Lantor Soric® XF

The Soric® XF grades have fast resin flow combined with optimized weight reduction. The hexagonal pattern offers a reduced resin consumption making the Soric® XF grade suitable for thicker laminates.

Lantor Soric® XXF


Soric® XXF is an excellent solution in applications where inter-laminar resin flow is crucial. The channel pattern is designed to offer maximum but steady resin flow. Soric® XXF is a flow medium that acts like a flexible core material.

Lantor Soric® LRC

The Soric® LRC grade is used in thin-walled sandwich structures where flow is required, but resin consumption is critical. In this low resin consumption grade, the resin uptake is kept to a minimum, without any loss of flexibility.

Lantor Soric® TF

Soric® TF is the ideal product for the most demanding cosmetic and surface requirements. The Soric® TF pattern is designed for print blocking and is suitable for infused laminates and prepreg processes. The dark color of Soric® TF Grey supports you in obtaining the black carbon fiber look.

Lantor Soric® Adhesive


To support the lay-up process the Soric® TF grades are also available with an adhesive layer. Soric® Adhesive eliminates the use of spray glue and helps placing all the layers accurately and securely. An excellent surface finish can be easily applied.