Lantor Innovations


Lantor Innovations: Lantor's incubator for new exciting technologies, products and applications. It is our source for really new developments.

Decades ago Lantor was the inventor of Coremat®, flexible core material for the composites industry, as well as our range of EPIC® Waterblocking tapes for the Cable industry. Since then, we have continually developed new ground breaking product solutions, like Soric® composites core material, Lantor CondenStop® Advanced (www.lantorcondenstop.com) Lantor CondenStop®Advanced for condensation control in industrial buildings. Most recent additions to the ever expanding range of innovations are PowerSHEAT® heatable veils and Shockpad for optimum energy restitution in sports fields.


How do Lantor Innovations work?

Responsible for Lantor Innovations are the combined development resources of Lantor, joining forces with leading external development partners, focussing on innovation and ground breaking appolication development.

Together with our industry and technology partners, we aim to develop ground-beaking products and applications. These can be based on the wide range of technologies and functionalities and related expertise available within Lantor. But we also actively seek to involve new cutting edge technologies and development work taking place in laboratories and industries around the world.

Lantor Innovations and you

Lantor Innovations focus is on technologies that reinforce, expand and complement our existing product and production capabilities, guided by our long term strategies.

At the same time we actively search for new ideas, inputs and guidance from innovative industry leaders and technology innovators.

So we want to invite YOU to share your product or technology visions with us. Please challenge us with your ideas, whether they are driven by projected technology leaps, or by your market vision that shows emerging needs for products not yet developed.
We wil gladly investigate mutual opportunities with you.

Please share YOUR vision with us at info@lantor.com