Lantor  Expertise ......

With over four decades exeprience in the development of engineered non-woven solutions for Industrial applications, Lantor has built a broad base of high end products and technologies, sustained by a profound understanding of developing, tailoring, applying and combining technical functionalities.
And of course our production capabilities match this expertise, with the capacity to produce these products to the highest quality and efficiency standards.


.... and Functionalities

Based on chem-bond non-wovens, or any other (non-woven) product best meeting all requirements, Lantor can add a range of functionalities geared toward the customer needs:

  • Water absorption and Condensation control
  • Weight reduction / microsphere technology
  • Adhesive properties and heat-weldable layers
  • Conductivity
  • Flame retardancy / Fire resistance
  • Pressure resistance, shock absorption or elastic behaviour
  • Surface and cosmetics enhancement, printing
  • Reinforcements