sep 18, 2017 in Company News, Composites

Lantor has a long history in supplying unique core products for carbon composites used in the most exclusive segment of the automotive market. The products can be found in motor hoods, trunk covers, side panels and spoilers of cars like Bugatti, Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini. Today’s challenge in the automotive industry is to develop more cost efficient composites that can be applied in higher volume car models. Lantor’s textile based cores offer the opportunity to decrease material cost while reaching the highest quality standards.

To create light weight automotive composite panels with sufficient aerodynamic stiffness the use of a sandwich structure can be an attractive option to bring the cost down. Lantor’s  flexible cores have been especially designed to be applied as middle layer in thin sandwich laminates for body panels. The typical grey random dot microsphere structure prevents print through for reaching the highest surface quality standards.

Advantages of Lantor Cores in automotive body panels

  • – Lightweight increase of panel stiffness
  • – Saving cost by replacing reinforcement layers
  • – Top down core resin saturation giving high interlaminar strength
  • – Flexible and easy to drape and shape
  • – Excellent surface quality
  • – Applicable in Autoclave, RTM and thermoforming processes

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Lantor Team