Lantor and Energy

Energy is vital to every aspect of modern life. All around the globe, every part of the day, people rely on energy for every day tasks. Behind the scenes, even more energy is used to expand and modernize cities, manufacture products people rely upon every day and generate electricity for thousands of users.

Forecasting long-term energy trends begins with a simple fact: people need energy. Over the next few decades, population and income growth are expected to create new demands for energy. - ExxonMobil

To meet the growing demand for energy there's a continues investment in new technology and energy sources. Cable manufactueres all around the globe are producing these cables that are of most importance to transport this vital energy from source to end user.


Just like our market, Lantor is constantly looking for new solutions for existing and new applications in power cables. We are investing in even higher quality tapes and tailor made solutions for our customers. Together with the knowledge of our customers we are working on new solutions. Whether it is completely new approach of tape application or new solution of waterblocking in submarine cable, we want to be the partner our customers can rely on.