Creating specific solutions for challenging requests

Lantor Custom represents the ideal mix of Customer focus, Innovation strength and Flexibility in solutions. Special customer or industry needs are translated into practical product solutions by our specialists.
For this we can source from our broad and deep experience and expertise. Based on in-depth knowledge of specific functionalities for engineered non-woven products, we can meet a broad range of technical challenges.
Plus: our Lantor Innovations team focusses on creating ground breaking new product solutions. They will gladly consider serious development ideas or challenges brought to us by leading companies around the globe.

Lantor currently supports clients in various industries including Packaging and Filtration, with Custom products meeting specific industry demands.
Recent examples of products developed by the Lantor Innovations team include PowerSHEAT® heatable veils and ShockLayer® for optimum energy restitution in sport fields.

Lantor Packaging Solutions

Lantor Custom offers a range of products for packaging solutions, including fragrance sachets and silica gel bags..

Our packaging products often have been developed for very specific and demanding customer requirements. They frequently combine several specific features, e.g. a special fibre composition, or a sealable coating, or a colourful special print.

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Lantor Filtration Products

Lantor offers long time experience in the field of wet filtration, both for solids separation and for fluid separation (e.g. water from oil).

The wide range of Lantor veils and functionalities for different markets and applications, offers also a range of solutions meeting specific demanding requirements from filtration clients.

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