The flexible core and liner for hand lay-up and spray-up processes

For decades, Lantor Coremat® has been considered the world standard for flexible bulker mats and print blockers used in hand lay-up and spray-up processes. All Coremat® grades consist of a polyester nonwoven containing microspheres. They offer a cost effective increase in stiffness and weight-savings in materials and an excellent surface finish.

Lantor Coremat® Xi


The original Coremat® Xi grade is distinctively recognizable by its blue resin indicator. It is know for its excellent impregnation and drapeability properties during processing. This makes the Coremat® Xi an excellent choice for complex geometries.

  • Original Lantor Coremat® quality
  • Easy impregnation with a resin uptake of only 600 g/m² per mm thickness
  • Excellent flexibility and softness during processing for complex geometries


Lantor Coremat® XM


The Coremat® XM is engineered to combine optimized resin uptake with good tensile strength of the material in a wetted condition. The XM grade has been given a hexagonal cell structure to maintain the Coremat® quality for consistency of thickness and flexibility.

  • Suitable for pre-wetting outside the mould due to its wet tensile strength
  • Reduced resin uptake of 500 g/m² per mm thickness
  • Honeycomb appearance for consistent thickness and flexibility

Lantor Coremat® XM10


The Coremat® XM 10 grade is designed to replace rigid materials such as foam, plywood or plastic cores. The XM 10 has good screw retention, without rot issues and combines this the Coremat® qualities of flexibility and easy processing.

  • Good plywood replacement
  • Good screw retention, without rot issues
  • Flexible and easy processing