Specialty products in building

Condensation control

One of Lantor's most successful products is Lantor CondenStop® Advanced, developed specifically to prevent problems caused by condensation in buildings and roof systems. Developed in close partnership with some leading metal roofing producers, Lantor CondenStop® Advanced prevents dripping and keeps building contents and insulation dry. Due to our unique Microsphere technology Lantor CondenStop Advanced® absorbs 20-60% more moist than competitors.

Lantor Solution for condensation control:

Lantor CondenStop® Advanced (www.lantorcondenstop.com)

Reinforcement for Water Proofing Solutions

Manufacturers of liquid roofing systems, water proofing systems and adhesion systems use our membranes to enhance their systems and products. Personalization of products by logo printing, cutting to size and even private labeling are some of the services we can provide to these markets.

Lantor Solution for reinforcement: