Lantor CondenStop | Prevents Condensation and Dripping

CondenStop is an effective, affordable solution to prevent condensation on metal roofing panels, in containers and on tarpaulins for trains, trucks and tents. Our unique Microsphere technology guarantees high-capacity moisture absorption of market-leading quality.

Certified by international research institutions to outperform generic anti-condensation felt and fleece by 20-60%, the unique benefits of CondenStop are recognized by our many global clients who use millions of square meters each year.

Protects your roof & investments
Solves condensation problems
Outperforms competition by 20-60%
Absorbs moisture, no draining, no dripping

Roll formers & Roofers

condenstop anti-condensation fleece felt roll former
condenstop anti-condensation liner roofer

Anti-condensation Liner for Roofing and Roll Forming

For roll formers, roofing specialists and suppliers of metal roof panels & profiles, Lantor CondenStop offers added value to the product range. Easy to apply during the roll forming process, our anti-condensation liner adds a functional and aesthetic layer of protection against damage from moisture and dripping.

Roll formers enjoy a high-quality extension to their product line, which is easily applied using the available Lantor Lamination Applicator. Roofers appreciate a flexible solution that installs in all weather conditions and which holds moisture at all typical roof pitches without dripping or draining.

Helps prevent corrosion and rust
Adds protective & aesthetic value
Able to hold moisture at all typical roof pitches
High fire safety class
Installs in all weather conditions
Lamination Applicator for roll formers available


anti-condensation fleece felt

Helps Roofers, Contractors, Frame Builders and Architects Solve Condensation Problems

CondenStop outperforms competition by 20-60% at typical roof pitch angles and provides architects, contractors, frame builders and roofers with a flexible and powerful tool for better building envelope design, moisture & climate control and damp proofing.

No more dripping, no more draining back of moisture into the construction. CondenStop is designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, using innovative Microsphere technology. With a huge internal surface area and capillary network, CondenStop is able to store and spread great amounts of moisture, even on pitched roofs.

Since CondenStop is factory-applied during the roll forming process, installation on the job site is fast, easy and safe. This helps contractors save valuable time and money. Adding CondenStop to roof and wall panels and profiles results in an aesthetically pleasing, uniform light grey finish.

Best moisture retention for pitched roofs
No dripping, no draining back into construction
Fast to apply, saves time & money
Secure installation, reduce risk of injury
No burn-off needed at roof eave
Improved building envelope and climate control
Impervious to mould growth
High fire safety class
Aesthetically pleasing, uniform grey
Over 20 years of customer satisfaction

CondenStop Introduction, by FABRAL, USA

Save Time & Money, by FABRAL, USA

Building owners

condensation problems warehouse
condensation in stables and barns
anti-condensation carport or hangar

Storage Owners, Warehouses, Barns, Stables, Barracks, Carports, Hangars

For storage owners, who need to protect their roofs, investments and assets from the hazards of naturally occurring condensation, CondenStop offers an affordable & best-in-class anti-condensation solution. As a recognized must-have in barns, stables, barracks,carports, warehouses and hangars, CondenStop is the product of choice for our many global clients, for over 20 years.

Condensation protection for professional or private use

CondenStop makes metal roofs less sensitive to corrosion and protects assets and valuables stored underneath. Farmers apply it in stables for livestock confinement, or barns housing harvests and crops.

Owners of non-insulated warehouses or production/storage facilities use it to prevent moisture dripping back down onto their assets. Private carport owners rely on CondenStop just to keep their cars and vehicles dry.

Cargo & Shipping

cargo damage condensation container rain
condensation truck tarp

Condensation Control | Container Cargo Sweat | Train & Truck Transportation

Damaged cargo due to moisture condensation, container rain or container sweat are among the main risks and cost drivers in the field of shipping, transportation and logistics. Lantor CondenStop can be easily applied to the inside of shipping containers, or laminated with train & truck tarps.

CondenStop will eliminate the formation of droplets and prevent dripping of condensation moisture onto the cargo. With an absorption capacity of over 1250 ml per square meter of surface, our product will keep cargo dry and safe.

Cargo Condensation Damage | Risk Reduction & Loss Prevention

For international shippers, marine cargo insurers, transport & expedition specialists, cargo surveyors, international movers & relocation service providers, condensation management with CondenStop will provide quick return-on-investment.

Reduce the risk of cargo damage and prevent loss with an affordable anti-condensation solution that has clear practical and financial benefits compared to traditional methods such as desiccants.

CondenStop® Desiccants

Applied flat to ceiling/walls, consumes no space

Will consume cargo space

Prevents droplet formation, eliminates dripping

Droplets can still form, dripping can still occur

Does not actively dry out the air and cargo; suitable for all types of cargo

Will dry out air and cargo; not suitable for certain types of cargo

Very affordable


Very lightweight


Our Microsphere Technology Outperforms Competition by 20 – 60 %

Only Lantor CondenStop takes full advantage of Microsphere technology. This results in the unique capability to not only store condensation moisture, but to also retain it under demanding conditions. Thanks to this innovation, CondenStop outperforms generic anti-condensation felt and fleece by 20-60% at typical roof pitches.

microspheres anti condensation fleece felt
microsphere absorption performance

Premium Anti-Condensation Solution

CondenStop has gone through extensive testing and has been certified as premium anti-condensation solution by various renowned research institutes: