Cable solutions


Lantor waterblocking tapes are designed to protect cables from water ingress. By using super absorbent powders, our waterblocking tapes minimize the water penetration into the cable and deliver high quality performance on contact with water. With our high standards and dedication to our products we ensure excellent water blocking performance in your cable.

Bedding, Binding & Separation

Lantor non- and semiconductive cable tapes offer the perfect solution for many applications. Our tapes can provide a bedding for armouring, protect against penetration of extrusion material in the conductor or prevent heat damage to the conductor by functioning as a heat barrier. The high tensile strength and good temperature stability guarantee the right flexibility of the cable.


Flame retardant

The purpose of our Lantor Flame Retardant tapes is to provide a barrier and withstand flames to meet the fire survival requirements IEC 60332 and new CPR regulations. These tapes are based on a surface coating and are free from halogens. The high tensile strengths give the additional benefit of flexible binding and excellent cable bending properties.



Polyester waterblocking yarns ensure water tightness of power and fiber optic cables. Lantor Yarns are being used for various applications, such as watertight conductors, central filler, cross lay over strands, binder, filler between or waterblocking over a multi core cable. Our yarns are designed to perform on the most demanding production lines and have a tremendous absorption capacity with a fast swell rate and high tenacity. 

Innovative solution

Lantor’s latest developments for the cable industry. New materials, new techniques and new equipment!