About Cable

Lantor is a leading manufacturer of nonwoven cable tape. Our extensive product range contains both semi- and nonconductive tapes for different applications such as waterblocking, bedding, binding, separation and heat barrier as well as waterblocking yarns. Ideal for both underground and sub-sea applications, Lantor tapes are specified and utilized by many of the leading power, telecom and industrial cable manufacturers worldwide.

Lantor is well-known for high quality products, our flexible converting capabilities and short lead times. The combination of our experience and direct consultation with specialized cable development and design provides us with a total understanding of today’s ever changing market requirements. In combinations with our commitment in research and development, this means Lantor Cable continues to deploy the most advanced materials and processes, creating both technical and commercial advantage in demanding applications.

Together with our customers we look for the best solutions for our customer’s needs in power, telecom and industrial cables for both underground and sub-sea application.




Lantor Cable has developed products to meet today’s demands for power energy. Consequent growth in the market of power asks for a high quality of cable products. Product know-how, reliability, consistency and fit-for-purpose are key requirements based on which today’s leading cable manufacturers are making their decision.

And for these decisions Lantor provides the Product Range as a solution for both insulated power cables and marine cables.

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Data & Telecom

In the past, Lantor Cable has provided outstanding nonwoven waterblocking tape solutions for copper telecom cables and some unique tape designs for semi dry optical fiber cables. And today, Lantor Cable is looking forward for new opportunities with key players in the market of tomorrow.

Lantor Cable believes in their track record, well-esteblished product range and strong research and development resources. Together with full in-house production capabilities that make us the right partner to provide you with the highest quality dry cable products and designs.

With those designs Lantor provides the Product Range, for both copper communication cables and optical fiber.

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An industrial enviroment sets the bar even higher for requierments of products. For these applications Lantor Cable provides a wide varaiety of solution for even those more demanding applications.

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