Discover our unique Lantor cores for Automotive composites


Many manufacturers and engineers in the automotive industry ask themselves daily: How can I make my materials stiffer, lighter and better performing without complicating the process? And how do I do this cost-effectively? Lantor’s experts are your reliable partner for achieving your goal: helping you produce the best car parts you’ve ever produced.




High quality solutions for aerodynamic stiffness and lightweight

Lantor has a long history supplying cores for carbon composites for exclusive cars like Bugatti, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini where aerodynamic stiffness and lightweight are highly appreciated. Our unique solutions for composites are especially designed to make even extreme materials like carbon composites stiffer and lighter to give them the best performance. Lantor’s cores are textile based materials that contain pressure resistant microspheres. This flexible lightweight nonwoven can build a consistent layer to increase the stiffness in composite laminate, while preventing the print of the reinforcement layers become visible on the outer surface.


Cost-effective better performing

Thanks to recent technological developments, the use of composites has also become practicable for more regular cars that are produced in higher volumes. They benefit from smarter and faster composite processes and raw materials that are more cost effective. Also, application of core materials and replacement of expensive reinforcement materials is an effective way to become more cost-effective. By choosing for Lantor’s Core Materials, you’re choosing to maximize the benefit of the use of carbon in terms of cost, weight and performance.


Easy applicable in production process

Our Lantor Core Materials can be applied in a wide range of technologies used for producing carbon automotive parts. They are also very easy to implement in these production processes because of the unique flexibility. Once developed and designed, or when your process is already formed, Lantor’s materials are almost a matter of plug & play.


Unique features of Lantor Core Materials for automotive:

  • To be applied in all types of thermoset based carbon bodywork;
  • Balances the mechanical properties by increasing the panel stiffness;
  • High cost saving potential by replacing carbon weight;
  • Flexible, drapeable and compressible textile material;
  • Excellent surface quality performance, smoothens resin shrinkage effects;
  • Easy applicable in the whole range of processing techniques, autoclave, thermopressing and HP RTM.