Lantor CondenStop® CCM

CondenStop® CCM is an innovative product designed specifically to prevent problems caused by condensation in buildings and metal roof systems. CondenStop® CCM prevents dripping and keeps building contents and insulation dry.

CondenStop® CCM is the most secure and comfortable solution to deal with condensation in metal roofing. Our Condensation Control Membrane is already pre-applied by the metal roof manufacturer. Interested how it works? Watch our animation below.


CondenStop® CCM


With CondenStop® CCM we provide cutting-edge technology which provides the best solution at any angle. CondenStop® CCM can be applied to any roof pitch, and delivers value for money. CondenStop® CCM is suitable for all application, from light to heavy usage.

Lantor's continuous drive for innovation and development has resulted in a product that will distribute and control condensation water better than ever. CondenStop® CCM offers the highest absorption available for pitched roofs!

CondenStop® CCM UT


For those users that are looking for the best value for their money, CondenStop® CCM UT offers an excellent alternative. 
A high quality product that offers an economical solution for light and medium usage. CondenStop® CCM UT is Lantor's answer for less demanding situations.