Cable products


Lantor waterblocking tapes are designed to protect cables from water ingress. By using super absorbent powders.

Bedding, Binding & Separation

A wide range of non- and semiconductive tapes for bedding, binding and separation applications.

Flame retardant

 Nonwoven tapes to help withstand flames to meet the fire survival requirements IEC 60332 and new CPR regulations.



 Polyester waterblocking yarns to ensure water tightness of power and fiber optic cables.

Innovative solution

 Lantor’s latest developments for the cable industry. New materials, new techniques and new equipment!


Cables with Lantor SmartLayer® are better protected against water ingress and more cost-efficient, while also offering an optimized production process.

Nonwoven tapes and waterblocking solutions

Lantor is a leading manufacturer of nonwoven cable tapes and is well-known for high quality products, our flexible converting capabilities, short lead times and outstanding customer service. With our experience and direct consultation with cable manufactures provides us with a total understanding of today’s ever changing market requirements.

Lantor products are specified and utilized by many of the leading power, telecom and industrial cable manufacturers worldwide. Our comprehensive product range offers cable manufacturers solutions for waterblocking, bedding, binding and separation applications.

Together with our customers we look for the best solutions for our customer’s needs. Whether this is a semi- or nonconductive tape, waterblocking yarn, compound filler or a product we have to develop for our customer, Lantor is a partner that enables your performance.