Download E-books Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2) PDF

Download E-books Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2) PDF

By Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

The exciting prequel to "Redwall". The shrewdpermanent and grasping wildcat Tsarmina turns into ruler of all Mossflower Woods and is decided to control the peaceable woodlanders with an iron paw. The courageous mouse Martin and quick-talking mouse thief Gonff meet within the depths of Kotir Castle's dungeon. the 2 break out and unravel to finish Tsarmina's tyrannical rule. Joined through Kinny the mole, Martin and Gonff trigger on a perilous quest for Salamandastron, the place they're confident that their purely wish, Boar the Fighter, nonetheless lives.

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A small, ferocious shrew, armed with a heavy hornbeam membership, hurled himself roaring onto Deathcoil and Whipscale. He belaboured them mercilessly with rapid demanding blows. ‘What’ve I advised you filthy reptiles? ’ he shouted. ‘Gerroff my financial institution. right here, take this with you, and this, and this too! ’ The snake and the lizard have been thrashed into the move. ‘Ouch, ow, no, please, owoo, ooff! ’ they cried. The bad-tempered shrew slammed his membership down difficult on Whipscale’s tail. It flew off into the air, and he batted it into midstream with a professional flick. within the water, a trend of airborne dirt and dust floated clear of Deathcoil, exhibiting that less than the darkish bruises he used to be just a universal grass snake. The shrew grew to become to Martin and his pals, gesturing towards the unfortunate pair within the flow. ‘See, a grass snake and a newt. Pair of nuisances, I’ve warned ’em prior to approximately threatening sincere guests. cross on, transparent off you snotty vermin. simply allow me seize you round the following back, and I’ll make you devour each one other’s tails! ’ The snake and the newt have been carried off by way of the present, hissing dire threats now they have been out of succeed in of the shrew and his membership. ‘You wait, you’ll pay for this, you haven’t obvious the final people. ’ A well-aimed stone from Gonff’s sling bounced off the snake’s head; one other from Martin stung the newt’s severed tail stump. The shrew nodded approvingly. ‘Slingmice, eh. reliable pictures. This club’s my weapon. They won’t be again for an additional dose of this. ’ Martin smiled. He cherished the shrew’s truculent demeanour. ‘Thank you, sir,’ he acknowledged warmly. ‘I am Martin the Warrior. this can be Gonff the thief and this younger Dinny, our mole buddy. we're guests, as you spot, sure on a quest to Salamandastron. ’ The shrew shouldered his membership. ‘Sala what? Oh, you suggest that enormous position t’other part of the mountains. good, I’m known as Log-a-Log huge membership. I personal the ferry around right here. you'll have given me a shout, like this. ’ Log-a-Log cupped his paws round his mouth, bellowing out in a deep voice which echoed off the mountains. ‘Logalogalogalogalog! ’ Gonff positioned his sling away. ‘We could have if we’d recognized, matey. Do you reside round right here? ’ Log-a-Log parted the reeds, revealing a cave hewn into the financial institution. ‘Aye. I stay by myself. I count on you’re hungry; guests continuously are. Come inside of. I’ll let you know all approximately it. ’ contained in the cave used to be a nest of untidy odds and ends. Fishing nets draped the partitions, a hearth smouldered in a single nook, many instruments lay all a few huge skilfully made boat which ruled the dwelling region. An outdated black water beetle sat via the fireplace. The travelers discovered seats amid the jumble, and Log-a-Log served them steaming bowls of freshwater shrimp soup with arrowhead bread and spring radishes. He sat stroking the beetle’s again. ‘I name this fellow Grubwhacker. He lives close by, is available in and out of right here for his foodstuff, similar to a puppy. that there's my boat. It’s approximately comprehensive. i used to be going to attempt it quickly within the flow. ’ Martin felt the reliable polished hull. ‘It’s superbly crafted, Log-a-Log. you recognize approximately boats, then? ’ The shrew picked up a spokeshave.

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