Outstanding solutions for various applications

Lantor cable tapes offer the perfect solution for many applications. With our long-time experience, broad product range and constant development of new products, we have solution for all your cables.

Our tapes can provide a bedding for armouring, protect against penetration of extrusion material in the conductor or prevent heat damage to the conductor by functioning as a heat barrier. Furthermore, the high tensile strength and good temperature stability provide better flexibility of the cable.

Overall, Lantor Cable tapes enables better performance of your cable.


Semiconductive BBSH tapes
3C3091Bedding, binding, separation, heat barrierdownload-fontawesome
3C7020Bedding, binding, separation, heat barrierdownload-fontawesome
3C4201Shielding and field controldownload-fontawesome
3C4221Shielding and field controldownload-fontawesome
3C3401Foam beddingdownload-fontawesome
3C4311Conductor shielding and field controldownload-fontawesome
3C4321Conductor shielding, tackydownload-fontawesome
3C6100Conductor shieldingdownload-fontawesome


Nonconductive BBSH tapes
3E3081Bedding, binding, separation heat barrierdownload-fontawesome
3E4051Bedding, binding, separation heat barrierdownload-fontawesome
3E7020Bedding, binding, separation heat barrierdownload-fontawesome
3E3201Foam beddingdownload-fontawesome
3E4092Bedding, binding, separation heat barrierdownload-fontawesome
3E6035Bedding and separationdownload-fontawesome
3E6060Bedding and separationdownload-fontawesome
3E6100Bedding and separationdownload-fontawesome
3E6500Bedding and separationdownload-fontawesome
3B3030Heavy duty beddingdownload-fontawesome
3B3040Heavy duty beddingdownload-fontawesome